YA Author Rendezvous

by Patrick Hodges

Several great books to tell you about this month!


1/7 – Through His Eyes (An Institute Series Novella) by Kayla Howarth

Through His EyesIn a fraction of a second, his life ended. Death was merely a consequence the Resistance often faced. And Chad was ready, willing to accept his fate. But he didn’t expect to be rejected by the afterlife.

Chad finds himself in a state of limbo, standing on the sidelines as his loved ones try to move on with their lives. This cruel twist of fate has Chad questioning his earthly purgatory. There stands a reason, he just has to find it.

Filling in the lost months between Resistance and Defective in The Institute Series, Through His Eyes follows Chad and his search for final peace.

Genre: YA/Dystopian

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1/7 – Seirsha of Errinton (Book 3 in the Eldentimber Series) 

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