1st September 2015! It’s here! The Institute Series FINALE. Exclusive to Amazon.


“Breathing in the scent of fresh ground coffee beans with a hint of vanilla, I lose myself in a state of euphoria, if only for a moment. That sudden feeling of being watched is creeping up on me yet again. The hairs on my neck stick up, and my arms flush with goose-bumps. I look around, but of course I don’t see anyone obvious. My eyes quickly drop to my arm, checking that the sleeve of my top is still covering my mark. It’s an instinctive reflex to check that first. Revealing my Defective mark in the political world is one thing, because they all know that I’m Defective, but on the streets, by myself, I always make sure I’m covered up.

I get this being watched feeling often, but I haven’t for the last month or so, and I thought maybe I was finally over my paranoia. I keep telling myself if I was being watched, it would most likely be the media following me to get a story on Paxton. It wouldn’t be the first time. But there’s a part of me that always wonders, What if it’s him? What if Brookfield has come back?”

Will Allira get her happily ever after?

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